Wish Upon a Wedding

The World's First Nonprofit Wedding Wish Granting Organization

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The National Board is currently recruiting the following Board Members to serve a minimum of one year:

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Wish Granter Chair
  • Secretary

Regional Chapters accept Board Member applications on an ongoing basis. Job descriptions are listed below.

PRESIDENT – Natural leader, self-motivated, strong communication skills, fair and organized. A professional event planner is preferred (or someone with experience in managing a group). TWO YEAR TERM Apply here.

  • Convene regularly scheduled board meetings, following WUW board meeting guidelines and Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • Ensure all board members have received and signed their contracts.
  • Ensure that all board members are familiar with important operational documents, and review these documents at actual board meetings on a regular basis.
  • Ensure all board members are using WUW online communication tools, including email and file sharing.
  • Familiarize yourself with all Standard Operating Procedures for all board members, and ensure these guidelines are being followed.
  • Ensure that your board is performing at their optimum.
  • Conduct any Conflict Resolution within your chapter.
  • Check up on board members to ensure their yearly board member contributions have been paid.
  • Conduct voting in of and swearing in of all new board members.
  • Inform Wish Recipients when their Wedding Wishes have been approved/denied.
  • Sit in on quarterly conference calls conducted by the National President.
  • Relay important National information to all of your board members in a timely fashion. Support decisions being made by National and be prepared to explain the reasons for these decisions to your board of directors.
  • Represent WUW to the press and your community.
  • Write a monthly board report and submit it to the National Board of Directors.

VICE PRESIDENT – Able to recognize where help is needed, and steps up to the plate. TWO YEAR TERM. Apply here.

  • Ensure the Board of Directors and Committee Members are fulfilling their obligations.
  • Familiarize yourself with all the Standard Operating Procedures for each WUW board member, and ensure procedures are properly followed.
  • If at any time, a board member is not fulfilling their listed job descriptions, the VP should step in and help that board member accomplish the required tasks. Likewise, if any positions are missing a board member, the VP shall temporarily fill in that role until a replacement is found.
  • The VP will be responsible for adding & maintaining important dates to WUW calendars, such as Board Meetings, Chapter Fund Raisers, and Wedding Wishes.
  • Sit in on National conference calls when asked to do so.
  • Write monthly report to be submitted to regional Secretary.

SECRETARY – Organized, efficient and detail-oriented. Follows up with unfinished business. Administrative skills and experience a plus.TWO YEAR TERM. Apply here.

  • Write and distribute upcoming meeting agendas to all board members; distribute monthly board reports and copies of prior meeting’s Minutes/agenda to all board members.
  • Record minutes at all board meetings.
  • Track and file details of Wedding Wishes and WUW events (including all contracts and important emails).
  • Maintain current database of contact information for regional board members.
  • Ensure all board members receive, sign and return current contracts. Keep records of contracts.
  • Develop an intimate knowledge of the Bylaws, Amendments, and Handbook.
  • Maintain calendars with your chapter’s pertinent dates (board meetings, launch parties, Galas, fund raisers, Wishes, etc)
  • Write a monthly report to be submitted to the Regional Secretary.
  • Participate in quarterly conference calls with their National Secretary.

TREASURER – Accounting and/or professional book keeping background preferred. Must be organized and detail-oriented. TWO YEAR TERM. Apply here.

  • Keep detailed records of all chapter-related income and expenses.
  • Keep detailed financial and donation records of all Wishes and WUW-related events for your chapter. Submit to National Treasurer within 2 weeks of each event.
  • File for necessary fund raising permits, or other tax documents needed for your chapter.
  • Write monthly reports to be submitted to regional Secretary.
  • Participate in quarterly conference calls with National Treasurer.

WISH GRANTER CHAIR – Compassionate, kind and understanding. Enjoys talking with people. Medical background is a plus, but not required. TWO YEAR TERM. Apply here.

  • Verify the validity of Wish Applications received by your chapter.
  • Ensure all required medical documents are completed accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Verify the doctor’s license number and their standing within their city or state.
  • For some Wishes, it may be necessary to check the background or other information about an applicant. This may include in-person interviews or follow up phone calls.
  • Keep accurate records of all paperwork affiliated with the verification process. Submit to National Wish Granter Chair and your chapter Secretary within two weeks of receipt.
  • Participate in quarterly conference calls with National Wish Granter Chair.
  • Write a monthly report to be submitted to the regional Secretary.

CO-VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR CHAIR – Event Planners preferred (or someone with intimate knowledge of contract/vendor negotiation). Must be organized, detail-oriented and self-motivated. This position requires a lot of follow-up via phone or email. Well connected in the Event Planning industry a plus. ONE YEAR TERM. Apply here.

  • Each chapter has two Volunteer Coordinator Chairs, who split the following duties:
  • Track and keep accurate records of all Wish Granter Applications as received by your chapter.
  • Call upon your database of regional Wish Granters when your chapter is granting a Wish, and secure vendors to grant all aspects of the Wish.
  • Distribute, collect and keep organized records of all contracts, emails, and letters throughout the course of the Wish Granting Process. Submit to National Volunteer Coordinator within 2 weeks.
  • After the Wish, follow up with Wish Granters, Wish Recipients and others needing attention.
  • Write monthly report to be submitted to your regional Secretary.
  • Participate in quarterly conference call with National Volunteer Coordinator.

MARKETING CHAIR – Experience with multiple avenues of online social media and WordPress blogging a plus. Ability to follow procedures a must. Good writer and self-motivated individual preferred. ONE YEAR TERM. Apply here.

  • Actively engage in social media via Facebook and Twitter, and maintain these pages for your chapter.
  • Post a required once a month blog on the WUW website.
  • Post required thank you’s to our event sponsors and Wish Granters on Facebook.
  • Promote any events being hosted by your chapter to the local community. This requires posting event info on several different websites.
  • Ensure the WUW brand and logo is protected at all times when being used by your chapter or in your community.
  • Write monthly report to be submitted to your regional Secretary.
  • Participate in quarterly conference calls with the National Marketing Chair.

MEDIA PR CHAIR – Professional individual with great media contacts preferred. Responsible self-motivated person with good writing skills. ONE YEAR TERM. Apply here.

  • Responsible for answering all media inquiries, and developing and maintaining relationships with all genres of the local press.
  • Represents WUW in a positive and accurate manner to the public, therefore must be very familiar with all activity taking place within the organization at all times.
  • Must stay up to date with the WUW Blog, and be familiar with all recent Wishes, in case a member of the press inquires about a particular Wish.
  • Must be familiar with the Wish Granting Process.
  • Write and submit Press Releases for any major events happening in your chapter, such as Wishes and/or fund raisers.
  • Write monthly board report and submit it to your regional Secretary.
  • Participate in quarterly conference calls with the National Media/PR Chair.

EVENT PLANNING CHAIR – Professional Event Planners preferred. Nonprofit event planning experience is a plus. ONE YEAR TERM. Apply here.

  • Responsible for planning all logistics associated with public events being hosted by your chapter, including: Securing venue and sponsors, setting ticket price, setting up online invitations, creating floor plans that allow enough space for successful silent auction, and creating and implementing an overall design plan for the event.
  • Work with marketing chair to market events, PR chair to ensur press releases are going out, fund raising chair to coordinate silen auction logisitcs.
  • Delgating tasks to your committee members to efficiently plan and coordinate high profile events.
  • Understand and be diligent about the  importance of selling tickets to events, to help your chapter meet their yearly fund raising goals.
  • Some events can include: Gala, Cocktail Parties, Dessert Parties, and Golf Tournaments.
  • Expected to host a minimum of two events per year.

FUND RAISING CHAIR – Individual with prior fund raising experience is preferred. Enjoys asking for donations, not afraid of being told no (or yes!). Creative, energetic, organized and detail-oriented person, who understands that it takes nearly an entire year to plan and implement a successful fund raising campaign. ONE YEAR TERM. Apply here.

  • WUW fund raising chairs should strive to meet National’s goal of raising $25,000 every calendar year. This can be achieved in a number of ways, but we currently focus on event auctions/event ticket prices.
  • The main responsibility of a WUW fund raising chair is to secure donations for use in your chapter’s silent auctions, live auctions, or other methods that are designed to bring cash into the organization.
  • WUW fund raising chairs are expected to begin seeking donations 9-12 months before any WUW event being hosted by your chapter.
  • Create auction categories, determine check-in and check-out procedures, create brochures to distribute at check-in, and find print and design donors willing to help with consistent, visible signage for use on auction tables.
  • Also responsible for working with the Event Planning Chair on the logistics of the silent auction (ie: where will the tables be placed, when does the auction fit into the overall event timeline, coordinate with event chair’s chosen color scheme/theme, bring in appropriate props and lighting, etc).