Wish Upon a Wedding

The World's First Nonprofit Wedding Wish Granting Organization

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Rebecca Grinnals, Industry Expert, Speaker  “Wish Upon a Wedding is truly an inspirational organization. The heartfelt mission of granting weddings to couples who are facing terminal illness is one of true compassion. It illustrates the depths of the human spirit. It is also a gift to the wedding industry as a whole as it provides an incredible opportunity for all of us in the market to get involved and give back to those in great need. Personally and professionally, I am humbled and in awe and of everyone behind Wish Upon a Wedding who took on this incredible initiative. It certainly takes a lot of hard work to bring a mission of this magnitude to life. This innovative and selfless organization will provide a legacy of inspiration for anyone involved. They are a shining example of how special the wedding industry is and why we should all feel fortunate to be a part of it. Hats off to the founders, executive board and dedicated wedding professionals around the country who are donating time, talent, heart and soul to make wedding dreams come true for couples in time of great sorrow and need.” Visit Rebecca Grinnals’s website! 


Stacie Francombe, Founder Get Married Magazine and Inspire Smart Success “Being a part of Wish Upon a Wedding from the beginning, I have always felt passionate about the organization and what they stand for.  The opportunity and ability to give someone a fairytale wedding even in the midst of unfortunate circumstances is truly a beautiful thing.  WUW is a modern day fairy godmother”      Visit Inspire Smart Success Website





Sylvia Weinstock, the Grand Dame of Cakes “I support Wish Upon a Wedding in their efforts to provide weddings to terminally ill individuals.  A simple ceremony and best wishes from friends and family is more meaningful than any grand and extravagant affair. After all it is the commitment that counts.” Visit Sylvia Weinstock’s website




Donnie Brown, Event Designer, TV Celebrity, Author “There are many things in life that are considered milestones. We graduate, we work, we have families and of course get married. We educate ourselves to get good jobs. We work to support our families, purchase homes, college for our kids and weddings. These big ticket items are difficult for everyone to afford. In a world so fiscally volatile, not everyone can handle the expense of some or all these items. Enter “Wish Upon A Wedding” and their genuine attempts to effect the wedding dreams some might never otherwise have. It is a wonderful organization doing something for people that no other in history ever has. I am proud to donate to this organization when they need me. The end result is a smiling couple having a dream wedding that only a small percentage get to enjoy! Keep up the good work!

Mary Dann, MA Wedding Planner and Author

“I am so thankful that the Wish Upon A Wedding organization is committed to making dream weddings come true. I am amazed at all the talented professionals that are sharing their talents and gifts to help others. I am thrilled to support the group!” Visit Mary Dann-McNamee’s website


David Beahm, Event Designer and Industry Expert
“I think just one quick visit to the Wish Upon a Wedding website gives your all the information you need to understand what a wonderful, life affirming project this is to support.   I ask you, if not Wish Upon a Wedding –  WHO?.”  Visit David Beahm’s website!



Kirsten Palladino, Editor in Chief of Equally Wed Magazine

“It is an honor and a blessing for me to be involved with Wish Upon a Wedding. Equally Wed, the nation’s premier same-sex wedding magazine, fully supports the organization’s mission to provide weddings to both straight and gay couples facing terminal illness. Love is universal, transcending disease and politics.”  Visit the Equally Wed Magazine Website


Steve Kemble, America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru

“Everyone deserves to have the most romantic, fabulous wedding day of their lives.  I support Wish Upon A Wedding and encourage my friends and colleagues in the wedding and events industry to join in this cause! ”  Visit Steve Kemble’s website


Green Wedding Shoes

“Wish Upon a Wedding is such an amazing organization. Everyone deserves to marry their soul mate in the wedding of their dreams, and that is what Wish Upon a Wedding is all about. Thank you to all of those who devote their time and energy to such a wonderful organization.”