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Archive for the ‘Love Stories’ Category

Nancy & Jake: A Love Story

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After meeting in 1998, Jake and Nancy, who currently live in Seattle, became inseparable and their love and devotion to one another has only grown. What started as a first date that ended at a Cincinnati Waffle House has turned into a lasting relationship filled with love, despite the many obstacles thrown in their way. While  [ Read More ]

Eugene and Deb’s love story is one that spans over three decades and continues to remain just as full of affection as the day they fell in love. While their love for one another remains strong, Eugene’s recent diagnosis with pancreatic cancer has tested the couple physically, financially, and emotionally. Although this time has proven  [ Read More ]

The phrase, “Actions speak louder than words,” is a perfect way to describe Maureen and David’s relationship. When they first met 20 years ago on a sports team for cerebral palsy, Maureen wasted no time in making her feelings known for David by asking him out on a date. They have been together ever since.  [ Read More ]

Jo-ann and John : A Love Story

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Jo-ann and John met 19 years ago through fate. She was 21 years old and he was 19. They had many chance encounters where they would cross each other’s paths by going to the same house gatherings/parties. They finally met each other after she started briefly dating his best friend. After a short relationship with  [ Read More ]

When Konnie Met John

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Photo courtesy of Brian Weitzel, BTW Photography

In the cinematic classic When Harry Met Sally, Billy Crystal (Harry) tells Meg Ryan (Sally), “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” That’s exactly how Konnie and John feel about each other. Photo courtesy of  [ Read More ]

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It was 2007 when Heather and her three year old daughter left their home in New England and moved across the country to Las Vegas, Nevada. Here they would be near her brother during their mother’s final years with a terminal illness. Unfortunately, one month before they would move, Heather’s brother was deported to serve  [ Read More ]

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October 5th changed their lives. That was the night that Jon saw Lori Lynn across the restaurant and just ‘knew.’  And Lori Lynn finally met the man of local legend, nicknamed “Skunk.” Lori Lynn heard about Jon (aka “Skunk”) while working on a film titled “Old Days.” A lead character named Skunk was portrayed in  [ Read More ]

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Melissa & Chris

Posted by CWO 2 Comments

College Sweethearts!   Melissa and Chris met while in college and instantly became best of friends, which then became a romance that has been going on for 15 years!  They have two children ages 1 and 6 and have gone through quite the obstacles since 2012.  In September of 2012 Melissa found out that she  [ Read More ]

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Taylor+Robert - Anna Paschal Photography_0002

Taylor met Robert playing intramural sports at East Carolina University. Robert admired Taylor’s athletic ability and it wasn’t long before he started pursuing her. Just a couple of weeks after their first meeting, on October 16, 2007, Taylor went to the emergency room with abdominal pain. After a few hours and several tests, doctors told  [ Read More ]

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Lori and Mark’s story first started in 1981 at Bolingbrook High School when they shared the same group of friends and classmates. After graduation, they didn’t keep in touch, but reconnected in 2004 via Classmates.com, and then again in 2011 on Facebook. Mark was previously adamant about not joining Facebook, but one day in the  [ Read More ]

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St. Louis Wish Upon a Wedding

Erica actually asked out Jon through a text message and was one of the best decisions she ever made, especially when Jon said yes to her text date proposal! You can see the love they have for each other in their eyes and the way they are always holding hands or wrapping their arms around each  [ Read More ]

The Orange County/Los Angeles Chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding is honored to provide the upcoming nuptials of Kelly Haro and Veronica Perez. Kelly and Veronica have been together for 6 years and are both getting married for the first time. They met at work after Veronica first noticed Kelly sitting at a desk and thought he was  [ Read More ]

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We tried and tried to write this story, but then realized that their love story as told by Brian in their Wish Application was so much better than anything we could write: “8,005… That is the number of messages sent back and forth between the two of us on the popular social media site, Facebook.  [ Read More ]

Joseph and Guinevere - Engagement Photos

The Northern California Chapter of Wish Upon A Wedding is pleased to announce the upcoming vow renewal celebration for Joseph and Guinevere. The couple first met each other while Joseph was working as a supervisor at California State University Hayward Library. Guinevere was a student assistant in a different library department, but her time clock  [ Read More ]

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When life conspires to keep you down, just get up again. It was chance when Stacey and James met for the first time, just a friendly conversation in the parking lot of his mother’s home. Stacey stopped to say, “hi,” starting a friendship that grew into a long-term love story. During a snowstorm on January  [ Read More ]

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Most 12 year old little girls imagine their dream wedding. They may turn a bed sheet into a wedding gown and steel their father’s suit jacket and put it on their best friend as they stand in front of the minister: her favorite stuffed bear. Most 12 year old girls would close their eyes and  [ Read More ]

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Jared and Stacy met at a Nascar race and instantly found their connection through easy conversation and laughter and it’s that laughter that has continued every day that is getting them through the tough times they’re facing. Jared was diagnosed with a brain tumor on September 11, 2008 and almost immediately had two surgeries to  [ Read More ]

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In 2005 Michael was looking for a job where he ended up meeting Angela, though it was only a seasonal position, he was called back to work again for the following holiday season.  “While working there I realized what a wonderful person Angela was and how dedicated she was to her job, her employees and her  [ Read More ]

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When Kristy saw our last Wish Upon a Wedding wish recipients Monica and Deshawn on the news, she rushed to the WUW website and applied for her very own wish. Kristy and Tony have been together for 11 years; they met at a party through a mutual friend, and Kristy said she immediately knew Tony  [ Read More ]

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When child’s play flourishes into love ….. Childhood memories are always the most cherished memories that we create. The first time you ride a bike, your very first furry or fluffy friend, your first day at school! Who knew that a childhood meeting between local neighborhood kids would one day florish into finding the love  [ Read More ]

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