Theresa & Brian: A Love Story

High School sweethearts Theresa and Brian were engaged on their five year anniversary in 2010 during a surprise trip that Brian had planned for the two of them to Chicago. The couple had started planning for their wedding right away, but plans were soon put on hold as they found out that they were expecting a baby boy. The money that they had been saving for their wedding day then went toward caring for their new family, but they decided that they would focus on saving again for the wedding that they dreamed of in 2013. Unfortunately, 2013 was a year filled with many unexpected changes for Theresa and Brian that prevented this from happening. In February of that year, Theresa started having horrible pains in her stomach and was forced to go to the hospital on three separate occasions when, in early March, the doctors informed Theresa that her gallbladder was not functioning correctly, and she had to have a surgery to have it removed. She missed almost a month of work due to the surgery. Things seemed to be getting back to normal until another incident then occurred. Theresa had been given two prescription medications by her doctor which caused a rare reaction known as Serotonin Syndrome. While in the hospital in a sedation/self-induced coma, she developed aseptic meningitis. After being awoken from the sedation, Theresa ended up having three seizures and was hospitalized for over a month and was then sent to a rehabilitation institute.

Everything affected her nervous system and caused her to not be able to walk due to physical pain and non-stop spasms which made it difficult for her to balance. Her doctors were able to help control the spasms with medication and continuous therapy. Theresa left the rehabilitation center in June in a wheelchair and with a walker. She continues physical therapy and has done occupational and speech therapy as well. These have helped Theresa to be almost back to her normal self. A lot of work has been missed, medical bills were incurred, and these bills continue to incur as she is still doing therapy. Although Theresa was originally told that her nervous system and brain were affected from everything that happened and that they would heal and she would be back to normal again, the Doctors are now telling her that every nervous system is different and they unfortunately cannot give her an exact date or even a timeframe as to when she may be back to her normal self again. Brian was a single parent to their little boy for some time while Theresa was in the hospital and in and out of physical therapy.

After all that has occurred for the couple these last few years, Theresa and Brian had dreams of finally getting married on their 10 year anniversary but had fears that this would not happen due to wedding costs in collaboration with their incurred expenses due to these life circumstances.

Wish Upon a Wedding St. Louis is thrilled to make Theresa and Brian’s dreams come true and grant them their dream wedding day on Sunday, August 17th, 2014.

Many thanks to our wonderful vendors who have donated their services to make Theresa & Brian’s day so special:
Photographer – Lisa Hessel Photography
Videographer – Sweet Tea Media
Officiant – John Doll
Planner – Ashlee Erlinger – Signed Sealed Delivered Events 
Stationary – Unique Moments
Cake – The Cakery


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