Wish Upon a Wedding is the Charity of Choice for Get Married!

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We are so incredibly happy to announce our partnership with Get Married Media.  It is an unparalleled union to support the mission of Wish Upon a Wedding, and starting today Wish Upon a Wedding will be the charity of choice & the National Media Partner for Get Married Media, Inc.

Get Married Media will increase the organization’s exposure both nationally and within local chapters on behalf of Wish Upon a Wedding by supporting the organization & the wish recipients! Get Married will provide ads in their quarterly magazine to raise awareness and we will be shooting PSAs for their weekly TV show on WE!

Wish Upon a Wedding will also be featured on the Get Married Blog on Stacie’s page.  And if that isn’t enough…they have agreed to consider features on our wedding wishes & videos shot by our wish granters including showcasing our wish recipients weddings on their TV show.

And there’s more!!  Get Married will also provide products for our launch parties and printed products branded for WUW for our events.

This partnership is so amazing; we could never have imagined it. Stacie Francombe and the entire Get Married Media family have worked so hard on our behalf, and this just goes to show that they truly believe in our cause and mission.  As America’s first non profit wedding wish granting organization, it’s important to us to have such great endorsements from the best of the best and Get Married does that for Wish Upon a Wedding.

Thank you so much to Get Married Media & Stacie Francombe for choosing Wish Upon a Wedding!

A Note of Thanks to our Wish Granters

This came in from Nastasha, the wedding coordinator for Florence and Michael who worked very hard on behalf of Wish Upon a Wedding to make their wedding dreams come true:
To all The Fabulous Wedding Professionals! Thank you for all of your generosity, services and support! Florence and Michael’s Wedding was not only a “Dream come True” for them, but the ultimate success was because of all of you. The amount of attention to detail and flexibility was out of this world! It was a lot of hard work , sweat, and even some tears were shed in the process, but the end result; Florence and Michael donning smiles from the time they woke up, until they closed their eyes was more than worth it! Words cannot express the amount of respect and gratitude I have for each one of you. I want to thank you all individually the best way I can (in no particular order):
To Marjorie of Stella Sweet Photography:
You have been a phenomenal photographer! Florence and Michael will have this day frozen in time because of you and your second shooter (I apologize as the name escapes me and I cannot find his card). You have been more than accommodating and have an eye for art. Florence and Michael have expressed to me how pleased they both are with your work. I continue to be impressed by your talent. I thank you with all of my heart and eagerly anticipate the next opportunity I get to work with such a creative and professional photographer.
To Gaby and Staff of Mimi & Co:
Let me start of by saying, “Oh my Goodness!”. What a stunning job you have done! I cannot think of a more beautiful and special way to give Florence and Michael a regal look to their special Sweetheart Table. All of linens you so generously provided were stunning in their own right, but that bustle you put on the Sweetheart Table was the  pièce de résistance! It was absolutely “jaw dropping”. Every time someone looked at it, the same reaction was given. Their eyes widen, jaws dropped, and the only word that seemed to come to everyone mind was, “WOW!”. Need I say more? Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and creativity. I cannot wait for another opportunity to work with such a phenomenal company.
To Renae, Josephine and Staff of The Hilton Garden Inn:
Let me say, this facility operated like a 5 Diamond Hotel! Although the staff did not physically don “white gloves”, not only Florence, Michael and their guests got “The White Glove Service”, but also all of they Vendors working on this this Wedding recieved the same. I have had many events held at facilities that are Top Rated, but none can compare to the professionalism the Staff has displayed at The Hilton Garden Inn! They food was amazing, the staff was more than accommodating, the guests were impressed and most importantly, Florence and Michael were more than happy with the end result. I cannot thank you all enough for the flexibility, accommodations, generosity, and phenomenal job you all have done. It would be an absolute honor to have the opportunity to work with all of you again.
To Reverend Jeri:
You are amazing! The Wedding Ceremony you gave Florence and Michael was one of the most romantic, unique, and inspirational ceremonies I have ever had the pleasure of watching unfold. Good thing I had on lots of waterproof mascara because my eyes were leaking like a faucet! Their guests were still raving about the ceremony long after the reception had ended. Not to speak negatively on any aspect of their ceremony, but there were some behind the scene glitches. Because of your professionalism and creative thinking, Florence and Michael had a seamless and memorable Ceremony. Thank you so much for all of your generosity. I would be honored to have another opportunity to work with you again. May God continue to Bless you.
To Shana and Staff with Picture Perfect Booth:
What a wonderful way to capture such a special moment in Florence and Michael’s life. The guests had a blast creating a unique Guest Book. The photo booth was definitely one of the highlights of the Reception! Thank you for being so patient, professional, and accommodating to not only Florence and Michael’s Guests, but to me as well. What an honor it would be to get a chance to work with you again!
To Sharon of Grape Video:
Oh my! Even though I haven’t actually seen the finished product yet, I am already impressed! Grape Video didn’t miss a beat! Florence and Michael will get to relive this memorable day as many times as they so very well please. Thank you so much for all of your patients, creativity and professionalism. Words cannot express the gratitude Michael and Florence have for the service you provided (luckily you can tell by the smiles captured the feeling they had). Thank you again for your generosity. I look forward to another opportunity to work with you again.
Sonny G. and Exquisite Events and Entertainment:
Sonny, Sonny, Sonny! You are my hero! They atmosphere you created for Florence and Michael was above and beyond. I will never forget the look on Florence and Michael’s face when they first entered the room. I don’t know how many times all of the air was sucked out of the room from all the gasps. The lighting and draping was stunning during the ceremony. As for the Reception……I strongly believe the DJ can either make or break a party. Let’s just say, with you at the mic and controlling the music, neither guests, Bride and Groom, or Staff wanted the night to end! An employee at the Hilton revealed to me that he has never seen the lobby of the Hotel completely empty during an event. He wanted to join in the fun! What a fabulous job you have done! Thank you for all of your help, patience, and professionalism. I continue to be impressed. It would be more than an honor to get the opportunity to work with such an amazing company again.
Patrick and Victoria of Village Cake Shoppe:
Holy Butter cream! That beautiful work of art you so generously donated, was a spectacularly amazing and delicious wonderment! I provided a sketch and a flavor and you took it to a whole new level! Florence and Michael wanted the look of a grand cake, but didn’t actually have the amount of guests that would be able to consume a cake of that size provided (or so we thought). Please explain to why not one crumb of cake was left at the end of the evening? I actually witnessed some guests licking the plates the cake was served on! Many guests came up to me angered by the fact they felt they were “forced” to break diets and then proceeded to ask for the Bakery’s address to order one of their own! In fact, the Bride and Groom made an attempt to preserve the traditional top tier of cake until the 1st year Anniversary, but began slicing into it the very next day! The quality of ingredients was fresh and top notch. The design was flawless and breathtaking. The taste…………….unforgettable! Thank you for giving Florence and Michael’s palates an experience never to be forgotten! I not only look for another cake tasting, but another opportunity to work with such a phenomenal company.
Lynne Rose Giovannetti:
Shear Design Genius! I cannot express enough thank yous’ and gratitude Florence and I have for you. You took a dress disaster and made it into a couture vision of elegance in a matter of hours! I honestly don’t believe anyone else would have been able to pull of such a feat. You took a plain Jane gown and made it Runway ready! Florence not only felt like a “Bride”, but she felt like royalty. You made this dress in spite of a Family Emergency and on your own Birthday. To put Florence’s needs before your own, was one of the most selfless acts I have ever witnessed. Thank you so very much for your creativity, dedication,  patience and generosity. It would be such an honor to have the opportunity to work with you again. Thank you for everything.
Robyn Lyn and Philosophia Stationers:
The invitations your created were elegant, unique and of the highest quality. You certainly set the tone for the Wedding. Guests were telling me they knew Florence and Michael’s Wedding was going to be “Platinum” based off the invitations they received. What a spectacular job! You know the job was astounding when even the Groom is Wowed! Thank you so very much for be patient and creative. The attention to detail you put into those invites were phenomenal. It was a pleasure working with you and would be an honor to be able to do so again.
Stacy Yamaoka and Marry Me Live:
I appreciate your perseverance and determination to bring this very special wedding across the vast miles and seas to Florence and Michael’s Families. It is very sad when family and friends are unable to make it to a wedding. Although not the same; just being able to view it is somewhat fulfilling. Thank you so much for helping Florence and Michael share this very special day with family and friends abroad. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to work with your company to help another couple share their day with dispersed family and friends. Thank you!
Christina and The Dolanc String Quartet:
Absolutely breathtaking! The music was beautifully romantic and one of the most memorable highlights of the wedding. You made Florence and Michael’s Wedding an experience only ‘fairytales’ can be compared to. Thank you so much for working so closely with me to help create a unique and romantic atmosphere for Florence and Michael. They were very excited to learn you were donating your time and talent for their wedding and impressed with quality. Thank you so much for all of your patience, professionalism, and generous donation of time. I would be more than honored if I got another opportunity to work with such a phenomenal group of musicians.
Emily of Classic Party Rentals:
The stunning Charger Plates you provided for Florence and Michael’s Wedding was the crowning jewel of the tables. It finished an already stunning table scape. Everyone at the Wedding kept asking where they came from and how can they acquire such a beautiful piece for their own events. I cannot thank you enough for the generous donation and element of class you added to this very special wedding. It would be an honor to be able provide your products for other events in the future. Thank you so much for helping create a memorable day for Florence and Michael.
Barbara Clark of Fireside Florist:
Thank you for the generous donation of floral decor you provided. The flowers filled the air with a romantic sweet scent and created a memorable atmosphere for Florence and Michael. She is still enjoying the beautiful flowers in her home. Thank you for your generous donation.
Linda M. Love (my Mother):
You are truly and amazing woman! Thank you so much for giving up your entire weekend to come to my rescue. Thank you so much for filling in last minute for Florence’s hair and make-up Artist. You did a phenomenal job on her hair and make-up. She was an absolute vision. I cannot thank you enough for your insight, support, patience, help and love. You were definitely an element of this wedding needed for it’s success. Thank you so much for your time and generous donations. I love you!
Gina Lett of Inspirations By Gina:
Gina! Gina! Gina! You are a Godsend! What would I have done without you? Wedding Planners are truly a different breed cut from a custom mold. Words cannot express how honored and lucky I am to have worked by your side. You donated your time and creativity in the eleventh hour and because of you, Florence and Michael had their “Dream Wedding”! Any couple coming to you for assistance with their event is getting a Top Notch fabulous Planner. Your professionalism is impressive. It would be an absolute honor to have another opportunity to work with you. Thank you so very much!
Stanley Burton aka ‘Saint Jaimz’ and Derek ‘DOA’ Allen:
Your performance was amazing. As a Wedding Planner, I have never cried during a couple’s First Dance………………I cannot say that anymore! Your voice and the music was incredible. What a wonderful thing you both did for such a deserving couple. Florence and Michael have said to me me that they felt like “celebrities”. The guests were in awe and wanted to hear more. That performance was definitely Grammy Worthy! I cannot thank you enough for your generous donation of time and gracing all of our ears with your very angelic voice. It would be an honor to have the pleasure of working with you again or even just an opportunity to hear your wonderful music again. Thank you so much.
Ashley Williams of Good Day Sacramento:
Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to inform the public about Wish Upon A Weddings and the wonderful experience they are giving these very deserving couples. You did an amazing job and on behalf of the Organization Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
To Liz, Amy and Wish Upon A Wedding Board Members, and Wish Granters:
Without all of you, this Wedding would not be possible. Thank you for selflessly giving all of yourselves to give Florence and Michael the Wedding they deserve. This was the very first Wedding and certainly won’t be the last. The donations, time, and support you give to these couples is immeasurable. We are giving these couple more than just a Wedding. We are giving them hope and more importantly a memory. No one but, God knows how long these couples will be on this Earth, but one thing is for sure, the love they have for one another deserves to be expressed through a Wedding Ceremony. Despite the illnesses faced ahead, these couple deserve to be united with partners that will continue support them. Thank you all for giving our very First Wedding Recipients something more to look forward to.
To Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Florence Davis:
Where do I begin? What an honor it was to be a part of a very intimate moment in your lives. From the day I met you both, my life has been filled with more happiness than I can contain. A lifetime friendship has blossomed. I was blessed to have you both come into my life. I hope your Wedding was everything you wanted. I cannot think of a more deserving couple to have this happen to. Congratulations to the both of you. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and wonderful memories. Thank you for letting me be a part this.
Sincerely, Nastasha Verkest
Tave Weddings & Events

Rebecca Grinnals- Industry Expert

Wish Upon a Wedding is truly an inspirational organization. The heartfelt mission of granting weddings to couples who are facing terminal illness is one of true compassion. It illustrates the depths of the human spirit. It is also a gift to the wedding industry as a whole as it provides an incredible opportunity for all of us in the market to get involved and give back to those in great need. Personally and professionally, I am humbled and in awe and of everyone behind Wish Upon a Wedding who took on this incredible initiative. It certainly takes a lot of hard work to bring a mission of this magnitude to life. This innovative and selfless organization will provide a legacy of inspiration for anyone involved. They are a shining example of how special the wedding industry is and why we should all feel fortunate to be a part of it. Hats off to the founders, executive board and dedicated wedding professionals around the country who are donating time, talent, heart and soul to make wedding dreams come true for couples in time of great sorrow and need.”

– Rebecca Grinnals, President, Engaging Concepts

Mary Dann

“I am so thankful that the Wish Upon A Wedding organization is committed to making dream weddings come true. I am amazed at all the talented professionals that are sharing their talents and gifts to help others. I am thrilled to support the group!”

Mary Dann-McNamee, MA Wedding Planner and Author

An idea was born…

Hello!   Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m the founder, Liz Guthrie, but I really hope you’ll just call me Liz. I’m here to keep our supporters in the loop about our development, and hopefully answer any questions you may have.  There will be several volunteers writing about what’s happening at Wish Upon a Wedding all across the country, but I thought I would go first and break things in.

When the idea of Wish Upon a Wedding was born, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into. I just knew that I have always gotten great satisfaction from giving back to the community around me. I also knew that I wanted to create a way to make it easy for other people in the wedding industry to be able to give back, too. Honestly, when I first presented it in 2009 to some local industry leaders, I had no inkling they would so voraciously accept it, and then super-charge it to what it is quickly becoming. This has definitely been a whirlwind of a journey so far.  The support of and enthusiasm for this “little idea” about giving back has been overwhleming. 


Presidents: Sasha Souza: National  / Kevin Covey: LA & OC / Stella Inserra: NY

I knew the idea of wedding philanthropy had not yet been tried on this level or in this way.  Sure, there were several “Wedding Giveaways” going on around the country, including the yearly San Francisco Dream Wedding Giveaway I produce.  But I wanted MORE than that. I wanted more than just one couple to receive an incredible gift. So many couples out there need this, and so many more deserve it. 

How could I take a Wedding Giveaway idea and be able to give it to not ONE, but to hundreds of couples in need, from coast to coast?

My sister was visiting from out of town when I started playing with the idea. After a lot of late night conversation, she encouraged me to go for it, using my experience with the San Francisco Dream Wedding Giveaway as a basis.  That contest idea created the backbone of how Wish Upon a Wedding would function. The plan was this: Gather several top notch wedding and hospitality vendors, ask them to donate their goods and services to a couple in need, and multiply that by hundreds of people. REPEAT that action for 18 different chapters over the course of two years, all across the United States, and we would be creating something totally unique, and totally awesome.  Wish Upon a Wedding quickly became America’s ONLY nonprofit wedding wish granting organization, and things have been full-speed-ahead ever since!

Of course, founding the organization as a  501 c 3 charitable nonprofit would be a necessity to our success.  In order to do that, there was a lot of research to do, mountains of paperwork to file, bylaws to write, and articles of incorporation to draft, but we were soon on our way. The creation of a 200 page constantly evolving handbook, a user-friendly website, and the development of five AMAZING Regional Chapters launched us into the world of WOW.  And Holy Cow—-  I still cannot believe we are really up and running!

But we could not do it without so many generous and dedicated individuals.

The wedding industry is an incredibly giving group of people, and they were ready to give something back.  I’ve heard from many vendors that this is the opportunity they’d been looking for.  They were waiting for something like this to come along.  The professionals who are signing up in droves to be Wish granters tell us that it’s the perfect way to give back, by offering what they know and do best!  What better way to participate in community service than by using the skills they have perfected, from their experience at the weddings they produce every weekend?

I want to THANK everyone who has joined our cause so far.  You are true pioneers, creating this wonderful organization TOGETHER as a team.  Every single Wish Granter who signs up to make a dream come true.  Every volunteer who donates their valuable time to help behind the scenes.  And all the dedicated Board Members across the nation.  Thank you for believing in us as the organization blossoms, as we create something incredible from what was nothing just months ago.

Thank you ALL for your amazing support!  Keep it coming and help us spread the word!!!

~Best Wishes~


Florence and Michael's Wedding Wish

Florence & Michael | Wish Upon a Wedding

In 2002, Florence had moved from Oklahoma City to be with her mother in the San Francisco Bay Area. After moving there, she decided to stay.

A few years later, in 2006 Florence was on her way to a birthday party, to hang out with her girlfriends. As usual, she waited for the Route 93 Bus. That evening, Michael the bus driver noticed Florence and began a conversation with her. Route 93 was his regular route, and Florence and Michael began to see more and more of each other.

He asked for her phone number, and eventually called her. After playing hard to get, Florence finally decided to answer the phone. For their first date, Michael asked Florence out to dinner in San Francisco. They ate dinner by the wharf, watching the boats come in and out of the bay, and they began to fall in love.

Michael told Florence he’d found his other half and wanted to be her husband.

When Florence was diagnosed with cancer, she worried Michael might leave. But he was always there for her, supporting her throughout the entire experience, including a double mastectomy.

Michael proposed to Florence by saying “I want to make you my wife” and “make our family official”. He let her know that no matter what happens, he loves her and wants to be with her unconditionally.

Florence and Michael | Wish Upon a Wedding Wish Recipients

Wish Upon a Wedding is proud to grant Florence and Michael their wish of a very special wedding, which took place on March 13, 2010.