Tanisha & Tony: A Virginia Love Story

Tanisha & Tony

“Our relationship is special because we met during difficult times in each other’s lives and have continued to make it through difficult times. Not to mention, Tony has the same disease that my father had. I feel in tune with him and feel that no matter what we will always share a bond,” Tanisha genuinely explained.

Tanisha and Tony met in 2010 on a dating website. They quickly became inseparable, even with hectic schedules due to working multiple jobs, Tanisha was in school and they also had other personal family obligations. Time quickly passed as they created a special life together as a couple. Though they lived separately, they always found a way to spend time with one another. “We traveled, made plans and worked through life’s obstacles together. We always had a ball whether it was at home talking and watching TV or traveling. We shared the same passion for entrepreneurship and self-improvement,” added Tanisha.


Things changed drastically starting in 2012. Tanisha’s father passed away. Shortly after, Tony’s donated kidney was failing and he’d soon have to go on dialysis. Tony has been fighting End-Stage Renal Disease since he was 21 years old. He received a kidney transplant in 1994 and lived well until the transplant failed in 2012. Since then, Tony has had dialysis 3 times each week and has suffered a major blow to his health and quality of life. Unless Tony gets another transplant, his quality of life will continue to diminish.

In April 2016, Tony’s health took a major nose dive. He was hospitalized for the better part of a month with all types of health issues. He had to undergo physical therapy and have a health aide come to the house to assist with his well being. And then the kicker came, on July 8, 2016 Tony was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. As the cancer is newly diagnosed, they do not know what to expect at this point. He is undergoing a lot of tests and appointments to figure out next steps.

Tanisha and Tony

No matter what, Tanisha and Tony wouldn’t let anything get in the way of their love and their commitment to one another. “Tony’s illness and the relating problems prevented us from realizing our ceremony in 2015, however we still went to the Justice of Peace and got married. We lost a lot of money due to Tony being sick and we were not able to have the official ceremony and celebration.”

Tanisha and Tony

We are overjoyed to grant Tanisha and Tony’s Vow Renewal Wish on February 26, 2017 in Arlington, Virginia, alongside our talented Wedding Planner and Wish Ambassador, Andrew Roby, and his generous team of Wish Granters. We cannot wait to celebrate Tanisha and Tony’s love next month and offer them their fabulous celebration they’ve always dreamed of together. After all, Virginia is for Lovers!

Tanisha and Tony

Thank you ahead of time to Tanisha and Tony’s Wish Granters (below) who are donating their services, products, time and effort. We are grateful for you all and can’t wait to continue announcing more Wish Granters!

Planning & Wish Ambassador: Andrew Roby Events

Photography: Ronnie Bliss Studios

Videography: AVS Photo & Video

Wedding Venue: Top of the Town 

Catering: La Prima Catering

Decor Rentals: Cre8tive Touch Events & Rentals

Lighting: The Light Source Company

Cake: Winnie’s Bakery

Invitations & Paper Goods: The Davis Designs

Custom Champagne Flutes: Eikoh Design Studios

Groom Attire: The Black Tux

Bridal Makeup Artist: Vivian Wynter

Bridesmaid Makeup Artist: Denyelle D. Beauty

Bridal Hair: Alison Harper & Company, LLC

Bride Attire: Cherry Blossom Bridal

Officiant: Ronald “Ray” Wilson

Wedding Night Hotel Stay: The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City

Paper Flower Backdrop: Creative Forte Events & Paper Flowers

Wedding Garter: The Garter Girl

Tiffany and James’ Southern California Wedding Wish


Tiffany’s lifelong dream was to marry a man that completed her heart to the fullest. That dream was brought to life by an amazing group of Wish Granters on November 22nd 2016 at Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, CA. The water and palm trees provided the perfect backdrop for the ceremony and the bride and groom were all smiles as they said their vows.


Tiffany and James met online and knew from the first date, this was something special. They have been together ever since. “I have never felt this way before and truly believe he was sent to me by God,” Tiffany said of her feelings for now husband James.


Tiffany’s battle with cancer started with her diagnosis of Leiomyosarcoma. She was considered stable when she and James met. Two years into their relationship, she received news the cancer returned.


Tiffany and James believe in enjoying each day to the fullest and that is exactly what they did on their special day with close family and friends surrounding them.


Wish Upon a wedding would like to thank the following Wish Granters for helping to make this Wedding Wish come true:

Venue & Catering: Monarch Beach Resort

Wedding Planner: de Luxe Events 

Beauty: Beach Bridal Beauty

Bridal Salon: Monamie 

Cake: Simply Sweet Cakery 

Cinema: Expressionary Films

Entertainment: Luxury Dj’s

Florals: Little Hill Floral Design

Grooms Tuxedo Rental: Friar tux

Linens: Luxe Linens

Officiant: Great Officiants 

Photo Booth: What A Blast Photo Booth

Photography: Lin and Jirsa 

Rentals: Classic Party Rentals

Stationery: Calligraffiti

0058-TJ-Monarch-Beach-Resort-Wedding-Photography-Dana-Point-CA 0015-TJ-Monarch-Beach-Resort-Wedding-Photography-Dana-Point-CA 0039-TJ-Monarch-Beach-Resort-Wedding-Photography-Dana-Point-CA 0361-TJ-Monarch-Beach-Resort-Wedding-Photography-Dana-Point-CA 0407-TJ-Monarch-Beach-Resort-Wedding-Photography-Dana-Point-CA 0450-TJ-Monarch-Beach-Resort-Wedding-Photography-Dana-Point-CA 0520-TJ-Monarch-Beach-Resort-Wedding-Photography-Dana-Point-CA 0435-TJ-Monarch-Beach-Resort-Wedding-Photography-Dana-Point-CA 0570-TJ-Monarch-Beach-Resort-Wedding-Photography-Dana-Point-CA


Lisa and Del: A Southern California Vow Renewal


On November 21st Lisa and Del reaffirmed their love for each other 38 years from the day they originally said I do.

Highway 39 Event Center was the perfect venue for a car enthusiast like Del. Close friends and family shared smiles and tears of joy as Lisa walked down the aisle toward her husband. Less than a year ago, Del received a cancer diagnosis and on this day, the cancer took a backseat in their lives as they promised to continue to love each other in sickness and in health.


Lisa and Del are the perfect example of limitless love. They are selfless and fun loving people and you could see the special bond in the way they look at each other.  Their love has only grown stronger over the last 38 years and will continue to grow stronger in the years to come.

It was such a privilege of Wish Upon a Wedding to help this couple celebrate their love.  A special thank you to all of our wish granters who helped to make this day possible:

Venue: Highway 39 Event Center

Wedding Planner: The Events Boutique

Bridal Hair & Makeup: Studio MM&B

Bridal Gown: Bridal Elegance

Catering: Summit Event Catering

EntertainmentHilo Productions

Florals: Flower Allie

Groom’s Tuxedo: Friar Tux

Officiant: Donna Baranyay

PhotographyKLK Photography

PhotoboothUmbra Photobooth

Stationary: Invitation Parlour

Videography: Isabel Cinémathèque

Cake: Sweet Art Cake

Watch their wedding video here:

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A DC Vow Renewal Wish Come True for Shonte & Lavoisier


On December 4, 2016 friends and family of Shonte and Lavoisier gathered inside of The City Club DC for a vow renewal led by Leora Willis of With This Ring I Thee Wedd. Programs graced each chivari chair and softly lit trees provided the perfect backdrop for Shonte and Lavoisier’s vows.


Shonte and Lavoisier met in high school through a mutual friend.  They have been together for sixteen years and married for ten. The past ten years have had ups and downs for the couple.  They have traveled the world, but have also faced Shonte’s breast cancer diagnosis. No matter what life brings their way they support and encourage each other. They are silly and they know how to have a good time. After ten years their relationship is stronger than ever and their attraction to each other is undeniable.

There were both smiles and tears of joy as, Shonte walked down the aisle to her husband. She was an absolutely stunning bride.


The bride and groom decided to bring their fun-loving personalities into the vow renewal by making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich together as their unity ceremony. How much fun is that (and delicious!)?


After the vows were said, guests entered the ballroom, which showcased elegant sprinkles of the couple’s color palette: gold and teal. Marilyn Patterson of Joyous Events LLC, was instrumental in organizing the day and making this vision come to life.

Toasts from friends again brought tears and laughter before everyone was on the dance floor.


Congratulations again to Shonte and Lavoisier. We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to play a role in such a special memory.

Wish Upon a Wedding would also like to thank the generous Wish Granters who donated 100% of their product and services to grant this wedding wish:

Venue & Catering: City Club DC

Wedding Planner: Marilyn Patterson of Joyous Events LLC

Officiant: Leora Willis of With This Ring I Thee Wed

Videographer: Toy Box Productions

Photography (love story): Toy Box Productions

Photography (wedding): Memories of Bliss Photography

Décor: Gems By M

Invitations: Fingers In Ink

Cake: Couture Cakes by Sabrina

Hair & Makeup: Leontyne Reaves

Entertainment/DJ: Municipal Media Services

Floral: Pretty Petals

Watch their wedding video here:


shonte-drake_blisswedding_296 shonte-drake_blisswedding_379 shonte-drake_blisswedding_193 shonte-drake_blisswedding_115 shonte-drake_blisswedding_203 shonte-drake_blisswedding_191

Shonte and Lavoisier: A DC Love Story


In high school, a young lady in marching band and a young man in the JROTC program crossed paths… and have been together ever since. Shonte was presented with a promise ring the night of their prom, and woke up with an engagement ring one morning in college when Lavoisier visited her dorm.

For the past sixteen years, ten of which they’ve been married, Shonte and Lavoisier haven’t known a life without one another. Shonte is a nurse by profession, and in 2006 Lavoisier graduated from ROTC as an Army officer. Lavoisier was in the Army Reserves where he worked in IT Security for the Pentagon until Shonte got diagnosed with breast cancer.


When asked what they value most in one another, Shonte shared that Lavoisier is the driving force behind her positivity during her illness. She says that he has an overwhelmingly calm presence about him, that he’s loyal and that should isn’t sure she’d be able to function without him.

It’s clear that Lavoisier feels the same about Shonte, stating that she’s goofy and can laugh at any time of the day about anything. He says he truly believes that opposites attract and he loves being around her.


No strangers to travel and adventure because of Lavoisier’s military career, the two start laughing when asked about their travels and a memory that stood out to them. When Shonte and Lavoisier lived in Alaska, there were hot springs. Due to the condensation of the hot/cold, Shonte slipped right onto her backside and Lavoisier was cracking up and filming the experience on their video camera!

Shonte and Lavoisier are a couple that know how to laugh and have a good time. They encourage one another and just like their own love story has proven they will help one another through the challenging times and will celebrate together on joyous occasions.


Wish Upon a Wedding Philadelphia is looking forward to celebrating a vow renewal with Shonte and Lavoisier in December of 2016.

Wish Upon a Wedding would like to thank the following Wish Granters for helping to make this Wedding Wish true:

Venue & Catering: City Club DC

Wedding Planner: Marilyn Patterson of Joyous Events LLC

Officiant: Leora Willis of With This Ring I Thee Wed

Videographer: Toy Box Productions

Photography (love story): Toy Box Productions

Photography (wedding): Memories of Bliss Photography

Décor: Gems By M

Invitations: Fingers In Ink

Cake: Couture Cakes by Sabrina

Hair & Makeup: Leontyne Reaves

Entertainment/DJ: Municipal Media Services

Floral: Pretty Petals

Watch their love story video here:

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37 Years and Counting: Lisa and Del’s Southern California Love Story


Lisa was introduced to Del when she was 19 years old by her cousin who went to the same high school as Del. His kindness is what she fell in love with. After being married for 37 years, she is still as in love as she was when she met him.


They have a love that they hope their kids will follow. Through the years, their love continues to grow. 9 months ago, Del was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. They pray everyday for healing so they can continue to grow old together.


Lisa and Del will have their dream wedding this November at the Highway 39 Event Center. Wish Upon a Wedding Southern California would like to thank the following Wish Granters for making this Wedding Wish true:

Venue: Highway 39 Event Center

Wedding Planner: The Events Boutique

Bridal Hair & Makeup: Studio MM&B

Bridal Gown: Bridal Elegance

Catering: Summit Event Catering

Entertainment: Hilo Productions

Florals: Flower Allie

Groom’s Tuxedo: Friar Tux

Officiant: Donna Baranyay

Photography: KLK Photography

Photobooth: Umbra Photobooth

Stationary: Invitation Parlour

Videography: Isabel Cinémathèque

Watch their beautiful love story here:


025_klk_lisa_del_es-lr 073_klk_lisa_del_es-lr 002_klk_lisa_del_es-lr 060_klk_lisa_del_es-lr 035_klk_lisa_del_es-lr

Wish Upon a Wedding’s 100th Wish Granted to Anne and Jon in Chicago

Anne and Jon celebrated their wedding day Sunday, October 23rd at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago among their closest family and friends. Anne and Jon’s Wedding marked the organization’s 100th wish granted and a huge milestone for Wish Upon a Wedding.


Bianca Hall of Estera Events was there to lead Anne and Jon through the plans every step of the way. She shared, “Working with Anne & Jon has reminded us exactly what true love and marriage is all about. Hearing them recount their story thus far and recognizing their strength as a couple is simply something you don’t see every day. When things get hard, they pull each other closer, and truly, that is a lesson we could all take notes from.”


Anne and Jon first met online in 2008 after Anne had undergone a mastectomy to treat her Stage 0 breast cancer. Anne worried no one would ever love or want her in her post-treatment state. Anne recalls that Jon immediately and completely accepted her and the boys. “He just came right in and took all of it,” remembers Anne. Though Anne’s cancer has returned, the couple continues to have a positive outlook on every single day; continuing to smile, be silly, and love one another and their family.

dsc_5989-2 dsc_5745-2

The day of the wedding was nothing short of magical. Beauty and love was the common thread, with pure joy and happiness shared among an amazingly close group of family and friends. The couple’s planner, Bianca, shared, “The day of the wedding, the look on Jon’s face when he saw Anne walking down the aisle brought us to absolute tears, and watching the two of them dance with their sons at their wedding reception was the most profound thing we’ve been able to experience in our career.”

sco_1968-2 sco_0462    sco_1629-2sco_0102  dsc_6203 dsc_5985 dsc_5869-2

We are truly humbled and inspired by such a lovely couple who demonstrates raw love and the strongest of bonds. Wish Upon a Wedding is proud to welcome Anne and Jon into our family, and we wish them all the best in their marriage.



Venue: Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago
Photography: Carasco Photography.
Planning: Estera Events
Bride’s hair: Rosemary Monica Hair + Makeup
Bride’s makeup: Makeup by Aga
Venue: Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago
Ceremony Music: The Gold Coast All Stars
DJ: Okyne Medialab, Inc.
Celebrant: Chosen with Bonnie, Life-Cycle Celebrant
Floral: Fleur
Linen: BBJ Linen
Rentals: Nimble Well
Lighting: Elegant Event Lighting
Cake: Elysia Root Cakes
Video: Aria Films
Photobooth: ShutterBooth Chicago
Invitations: Sarah Drake Design
Wedding Day Portrait: RosemaryFanti.com


A Southern California Love Story: Tiffany & James


Tiffany met her soul mate James online and knew immediately from the first date that they were meant to be. Tiffany was diagnosed previously of Leiomyosarcoma and after dating James for two years, the cancer returned. They enjoy each day to the fullest, unsure of the future. Tiffany’s lifelong dream is to marry the man that completes her heart to the fullest.


Tiffany and James will be able to say “I Do” at the beautiful Monarch Beach Resort this coming November.


Wish Upon a Wedding Southern California would like to thank the following Wish Granters for making this Wedding Wish true:

Venue & Catering: Monarch Beach Resort

Wedding Planner: de Luxe Events 

Beauty: Beach Bridal Beauty

Bridal Salon: Monamie 

Cake: Simply Sweet Cakery 

Cinema: Expressionary Films

Entertainment: Luxury Dj’s

Florals: Little Hill Floral Design

Grooms Tuxedo Rental: Friar tux

Linens: Luxe Linens

Officiant: Great Officiants 

Photo Booth: What A Blast Photo Booth

Photography: Lin and Jirsa 

Rentals: Classic Party Rentals

Stationery: Calligraffiti

Watch Tiffany & Jim’s love story blow:


0012-irvine-engagement-photos 0003-irvine-engagement-photos 0020-irvine-engagement-photos 0025-irvine-engagement-photos

Northern California Vow Renewal- Shannan and David

On Friday October 28th, 2016, Wish Upon A Wedding granted Shannan and David’s vow renewal wish  at 48 Barn in Visalia, California. Close friends and family joined them in costume to celebrate and share in the renewal of their vows after 10 years of marriage.  The bride and groom were all smiles as they greeted guests and danced the night away.

Shannan and David both admit the past 10 years have not been easy. Their son was diagnosed with cancer at 18 months and a little over four years later Shannan received her Breast Cancer diagnosis. Shannan has undergone a hysterectomy, double mastectomy and numerous rounds of radiation and chemo treatments. However, even with everything they have been through, Shannan believes the difficult times have only brought them closer as a couple.


The couple requested a Halloween themed vow renewal and Erika Grubb of Erika Amelia Event Design & Planning was instrumental in making it happen. This night would not have been possible without all of the help and amazing donations from our wish granters. Shannan said the day was “everything we wanted and more”.

Wish Upon a Wedding would like to thank the generous Wish Granters who donated 100% of their product and services to grant Shannan & Davids wedding wish:
Venue: 48 Barn
Wedding Planner: Erika of Erika Amalia Event Design & Planning
Florist: Kiku Floral
Bride’s Attire: What’s Up Europe
Groom’s Attire: Tux 4 You
Officiant: Pastor Mike Messinger
Hair & Makeup: Jacquetta of Jacquetta Style
A special thank you also goes out to Catering & Rentals – Lunch Box Catering Company
and Mike O’Neil’s Dance Machine for their special assistance with the wedding wish.
Watch Shannan & David’s wedding story here:

 More photos from the day provided by A Moment in Time Photography:
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Wish Upon a Wedding Barbados Trip at Chicago Gala

We have an exciting announcement for our Blissful Wishes Ball in Chicago on Monday, November 7th! Please see the amazing details below for this one of a kind adventure in Barbados and get your auction bidding paddles ready to bid and win this wonderful trip! In partnership with Linda Mitchell of Luxury Destination Travel we are pleased to announce the following item for our live auction. This incredible trip is the retail price of $9000.



The stunning island or Barbados is a gem of an island that is bordered by both the alluring Caribbean Sea and the exciting Atlantic Ocean is vibrant in culture and passionate in spirit! The West Indies location allows for a unique authenticity that the island and its people embrace with beaming pride! Exceptional culinary delights, luxurious accommodations, gorgeous beaches make it a top choice for vacations, honeymoons, destination weddings and any other reason to visit!

Home of Rihanna, the sizzle and sass of the culture will keep you in a party mood throughout! Top location for golf, you can settle in to so many wonderful options to say fore! Gorgeous white sand will lure you to the incredibly clear waters! Out on the ocean you will enjoy snorkeling, diving and swimming with the amazing turtles, top culinary capital the cuisine will delight you. Relax, enjoy and immerse!

Near perfect, year round weather conditions has made Barbados a preferred Caribbean destination for A-list celebrities, new and repeat visitors, anyone seeking an island get away that has it all! Steeped in colonial heritage Barbados is a premier destination, from fine dining restaurants to local rum shops, luxury taxis to local “reggae” buses, Barbados is an island of amazing contrasts.


This amazing travel package includes:

Two round trip tickets on jet Blue AirwaysSpace available only

Blu Isles – Blu Fast Track Entry – Meet and Greet, dedicated immigrations and customs clearance

Blu Isles – Meet and Greet – Round-trip airport transfers, Complimentary WI-FI, scented cold towel, bottled water and yummy local snacks for your ride to your hotel

Cobblers Cove – SEVEN night stay inclusive of breakfast– Black out dates December – March

Blu Isles – Catamaran Cruise – Includes pick up and return to your hotel

Lone Star RestaurantDining for 2 – $450 Barbadian dollars

 NOTE: Black out dates December – March and Holidays. Booking is dependent on hotel availability. 


It is getting cold in Chicago so a good idea to start planning your spring get away to warm up in sunny Barbados! This incredible trip is the retail price of $9000.