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  • Jenifer & Jeremy: A Love Story

    Wish Upon A Wedding will be granting its first wedding wish in Cincinnati for a local couple! Jeremy and Jenifer are getting married on Sunday, March 8 at The Center Cincinnati. Jenifer & Jeremy have been dating for 7 years. The couple met at a bar by chance encounter.  Jeremy didn’t know anything about her… Read more »

  • Brian & Sue: A Love Story

    Brian and Sue first met when they were seniors in high school in 1984.  “We talked and laughed every day. I knew there was something special about her from the very beginning,” Brian tells Wish Upon a Wedding. But after graduation the two went their separate ways – Sue to college and Brian into the… Read more »

  • Valerie & Tom: A Love Story

    Thirty-two years ago, a mutual friend decided Tom and Valerie had to meet. She invited Valerie to the Fire Department’s St. Patricks Day dance, stating that her husband wouldn’t be able to make it. When Valerie arrived, her friend’s husband was there and it quickly became clear her friend had planned the night as a… Read more »

  • Rebecca & Art: A Love Story

    “We are so excited to get married and to be husband and wife.”- Rebecca Rebecca first met Art at the bank where she was working at the time. He was a customer of Rebecca’s and was very shy in asking her out. Finally, he did, and on their first date they both knew it was… Read more »

  • Ana & Mark: A Love Story

    “Sometimes it just seems you are placed somewhere in life for a reason.” – Ana In 2007, Mark began working at the same company Ana has worked at for 12 years. They worked in completely different departments and only spoke twice to each other. However one day in 2008, Ana and Mark were asked to… Read more »

  • Tammy & Christopher: A Love Story

    “The greatest of all things is love, and it’s so true if you don’t have love, you don’t have anything.” –Tammy Tammy and Christopher take a stroll down memory lane to the first day they met as they celebrate their 34th anniversary this November. “It was at a local liquor store and he walked up… Read more »

  • Danielle & Joe: A Love Story

    When it came to finding love, Danielle didn’t need to use an online dating service to meet her fiancé Joe; all she had to do was look at a mutual friend’s Facebook page. After exchanging a few messages, Danielle and Joe set up a first date, which included laughter, drinks, a kiss, and the beginning… Read more »

  • Liz & Justin: A Love Story

    “When you least expect it…” Liz was not looking for or expecting love when she joined an online dating site, but she found it when she connected with Justin. She never believed in love at first sight, but at their first in person meeting the sparks began to fly between them. The man in front… Read more »

  • Susanne & Jennifer: A Love Story

    Wish Upon A Wedding is now granting wishes in all fifty states across the country thanks to our wish ambassador program, and the Wish Upon a Wedding St. Louis Chapter is excited to share that we will also be granting a wish this year for a couple in Nebraska. Susanne and Jennifer’s wish will be… Read more »

  • Iran & Daymond: A Love Story

    “People who are meant to be together find their way back, they may take a few detours, but they’re never lost.” Daymond has always motivated Iran to live her dreams of being a teacher and mother. “He brought light into my life. As soon as we met, I knew he was the one. It felt… Read more »