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  • Mandy and Derek: A Love Story

    It all started with a smile. That’s why Mandy said she was drawn to Derek right off the bat. What kept her coming back? His heart: that he showed to her through his gift of music. Sounds like a simple, beautiful love story, but it is so much more. Mandy and Derek have endured challenges… Read more »

  • Debra and Charles Wedding Wish Granted in Las Vegas

    With sweeping views of the Las Vegas valley as their backdrop, a deserving couple got their wish to be married at last. Debray Ayala and Charles Trahan have been together for 25 years, but never formally tied the knot. Debra recently received news that her already-threatening breast cancer had accelerated to malignant neoplasm. After contacting… Read more »

  • Betty and Angel: A New York City Love Story

    “Angel has impacted my life in so many ways. He came in a time when I really needed an ‘angel.’ He has showed me how to love and what love is supposed to be,” Betty stated. Betty and Angel met on a brisk fall evening in 2006 through Betty’s best friend and Angel’s cousin. After… Read more »

  • Karen and Lonnie: A Love Story

    “The first time I saw her I remember saying to one of my friends that she was going to be my wife”.  – Lonnie Karen and Lonnie ran in the same social circles about 16 years ago when they first met, living in the same neighborhood. The two were close friends, Lonnie even taught Karen… Read more »

  • Kaitlyn and Marcus: A Love Story

    What are Kaitlyn and Marcus most excited about for their upcoming nuptials? Simply to “spend the rest of their lives together, to focus on just being with one another and having fun”.  – Kaitlyn Kaitlyn and Marcus have had a whirlwind of life experiences, like many couples of nine years,  however the ones they share are… Read more »

  • Andrea & Julio: A Love Story

    “…It was like we were destined to meet one another and fall in love.” – Andrea Andrea and Julio are a military couple from Florida, currently residing in Williamsburg, Virginia with their two beautiful children, Isabella and Gabriel. This couple is enduring something not every military couple has to, a cancer diagnosis. Andrea was first diagnosed… Read more »

  • Fawn & Rick: A Love Story

    Fawn and Rick met and it was practically love at first sight. Rick’s eyes lit up when he first saw Fawn and wasted no time asking her out on their first date – a romantic picnic lunch. As they dated, Rick showered her with cards, flowers, letters and poems. His romance along with tons of… Read more »

  • Ric & Renee: A Love Story

    Renee, Ric and Tyler exemplify the strength, tenacity and love of the enduring family unit. Having Tyler join the family nine years ago brought the gift of love to a new level. Sharing their lives together for 20 years, Ric and Renee have seen their share of ups and downs. Their love and commitment have… Read more »

  • Mikela & Aaron: A Love Story

    Mikela’s close friend encouraged her to try out online dating. After receiving several messages, one in particular stood out because it was not like the majority of the messages, which were very generic. It was the politeness of Aaron’s words that caught Mikela’s eyes. They messaged each other, but never made plans to meet in… Read more »

  • Jenifer & Jeremy: A Love Story

    Wish Upon A Wedding will be granting its first wedding wish in Cincinnati for a local couple! Jeremy and Jenifer are getting married on Sunday, March 8 at The Center Cincinnati. Jenifer & Jeremy have been dating for 7 years. The couple met at a bar by chance encounter.  Jeremy didn’t know anything about her… Read more »