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  • Wish Upon a Wedding Colorado to Grant First Wedding to Terminally Ill Couple

    On October 30, 2010, Dominique, a mother of three young boys, was diagnosed with breast cancer, her life was changed forever. Dominique was originally diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Shortly after that she was in surgery having a bi-lateral mastectomy. “When we thought the news of her having cancer couldn’t get any worse the… Read more »

  • Jason & Melissa: A Love Story

    It began with a wink, a poke, and a flirty on-line message. It progressed to dinner, a game of putt-putt golf and hours spent bowling, watching movies and playing cards with friends. He was always there for her, to open the car door, the door to the restaurant or just to be a shoulder to… Read more »

  • Las Vegas to Grant its First Wedding Wish – Nick & Robin

    Nick has great cognitive skills. Robin has street smarts. Nick is confined to a wheelchair. Robin can use a walker. Together, their days are spent compensating for one another and crafting a life routed in love, trust, patience, understanding and triumph –over cerebral palsy, a disease with which they both have suffered since birth. A… Read more »

  • Chicago Wedding Wish Granted – Nick & Bahar

    We are happy to announce that the Chicago Chapter’s third wedding wish was a success!  Nick & Bahar were married yesterday in Chicago and are now officially husband and wife.  Their wedding day was made possible by donations from all of our amazing wish granters, and on behalf of Nick, Bahar and the entire Chicago… Read more »

  • Nick and Bahar Get Married!

    Nick and Bahar were wed in Chicago in 2010.  Their love story is truly inspirational, and offers hope to couples everywhere.  Here is their Love Story, in Bahar’s own words: Our first date was Halloween of 2008 and if you had met him dressed up as ‘awesome’ you would have fallen in love with him… Read more »

  • Erwin and Ed – A Love Story

    When we were contacted by Ed, he told us he wanted to do something special for his fiance Erwin, who had been battling lung cancer since 2008. At the time, Erwin went through a lot of medical treatments, and spent many days at the hospital and in and out of doctor’s offices. Although he was… Read more »

  • In Memory of Shelly Sundstrom-Ellison

    all photos courtesy of KCB Photogrpahy The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. ~Rabindranath Tagore When Wish Upon a Wedding was first contacted by a social worker at Providence Hospice of Seattle, we were told Shelly had less than three weeks to live.  Battling a rare form of cancer, Shelly was… Read more »