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  • Indianapolis 1st Wish – The count down is on!

    9 days and counting to Janice & Cory’s big day! We are so excited and have a fantastic group of wish granters helping to make it a dream day. As the final details get set, we wanted you to learn more about this special couple. Jennifer and John Moon, from Northernlight Filmworks (Love Story Video)… Read more »

  • Omoro & Erikka : A Love Story in Atlanta

    “We met on a random Wednesday,” recalls Erikka. She was at a launch party in Buckhead with a sorority sister, and Omoro, a Marine who had served in Afghanistan, was there with friends. “When I first saw her she was dancing, it was her confidence that I was attracted to,” added Omoro. The two chatted,… Read more »

  • Alyssa & Jonathan's Love Story: Cleveland Chapter

    Wish Upon A Wedding is so pleased to announce that we’ll be making Alyssa and Jonathan’s wedding wishes come true on Monday, July 18 At the end of 2006, Jonathan and Alyssa met while working at a movie theater. It didn’t take long for them to notice each other and become friends shortly after. They… Read more »

  • Wish Upon a Wedding Colorado Grants First Wedding | Dominique and Myles

    On March 12, 2011 Dominique walked down the aisle looking like a princess ready to marry the love of her life, Myles, at the Ritz-Carlton, Denver. With her diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer in 2010, Dominique and Myles never imagined they would have a real wedding. “When you’re ill, the first thing that goes out… Read more »

  • Janice & Cory's Love Story :: Indianapolis Chapter 1st Wish Recipients!

    The Love Story of Cory and Janice Sometimes you meet “the one” well before either of you even knows it. Cory and Janice knew of each other growing up, having gone to school together since grade school. They didn’t really float in the same circles then, but shared some mutual friends. It wasn’t until as… Read more »

  • Wish Upon a Wedding Houston Grants its First Wish: Esmeralda & Jose-Luis

    Despite all odds and the ups and downs, Jose-Luis has stood by Esmeralda’s side unconditionally. He has done all he can to keep his promise of a blessed union and on December 12, 2010, Esmeralda gave the heart she received to her long time love and supporter, Jose-Luis when Wish Upon a Wedding’s Houston Chapter granted… Read more »

  • Wish Upon a Wedding Colorado to Grant First Wedding to Terminally Ill Couple

    On October 30, 2010, Dominique, a mother of three young boys, was diagnosed with breast cancer, her life was changed forever. Dominique was originally diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Shortly after that she was in surgery having a bi-lateral mastectomy. “When we thought the news of her having cancer couldn’t get any worse the… Read more »

  • Jason & Melissa: A Love Story

    It began with a wink, a poke, and a flirty on-line message. It progressed to dinner, a game of putt-putt golf and hours spent bowling, watching movies and playing cards with friends. He was always there for her, to open the car door, the door to the restaurant or just to be a shoulder to… Read more »

  • Las Vegas to Grant its First Wedding Wish – Nick & Robin

    Nick has great cognitive skills. Robin has street smarts. Nick is confined to a wheelchair. Robin can use a walker. Together, their days are spent compensating for one another and crafting a life routed in love, trust, patience, understanding and triumph –over cerebral palsy, a disease with which they both have suffered since birth. A… Read more »

  • Chicago Wedding Wish Granted – Nick & Bahar

    We are happy to announce that the Chicago Chapter’s third wedding wish was a success!  Nick & Bahar were married yesterday in Chicago and are now officially husband and wife.  Their wedding day was made possible by donations from all of our amazing wish granters, and on behalf of Nick, Bahar and the entire Chicago… Read more »