Brian & Sue: A Love Story

Brian and Sue first met when they were seniors in high school in 1984.  “We talked and laughed every day. I knew there was something special about her from the very beginning,” Brian tells Wish Upon a Wedding. But after graduation the two went their separate ways – Sue to college and Brian into the Marines – and the two didn’t reconnect for 25 years.

Though they were living 700 miles apart the distance didn’t get in the way.  “The first night we talked on the phone for 6 hours, the next night it was 8,” the groom-to-be recalls. After their marathon conversations, Brian flew up to see Sue after all these years, and before long he was visiting her every six weeks.  Nothing had changed at all.  They were still very much in love. “She still gives me butterflies when she holds my hand.”

Brian suffers from Cardiomyopathy, a disorder that gradually diminishes the heart’s ability to pump blood, and the doctors have told him he has five years to live unless he gets a heart transplant.  While he waits for one, he and Sue will finally be able to celebrate the love they have shared for over a quarter of a century, at an intimate wedding this coming Spring in New England, thanks to the generous donations and supporters of Wish Upon a Wedding.

Brian_Sue_Engagement_WUW_001 Brian_Sue_Engagement_WUW_002 Brian_Sue_Engagement_WUW_007 Brian_Sue_Engagement_WUW_011


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