Betty and Angel: A New York City Love Story

“Angel has impacted my life in so many ways. He came in a time when I really needed an ‘angel.’ He has showed me how to love and what love is supposed to be,” Betty stated. Betty and Angel met on a brisk fall evening in 2006 through Betty’s best friend and Angel’s cousin. After connecting over multiple phone calls and spending more time together throughout the following weeks, Angel and Betty were certain they had a genuine and special bond.


Like every relationship, Betty and Angel have experienced ups and downs over the last ten years. They created many beautiful and fun memories together, yet the biggest obstacle they continue to face is Betty’s health and Angel stands by her side as her biggest champion. Looking back, Betty vividly remembers the moment when she originally informed Angel of her health condition and the sadness she felt as she told him he could move on. “Angel looked at me and told me, ‘How can I walk away from you?’ and kissed me. We have been inseparable ever since.”


In 2004 when Betty was seventeen years old, she was diagnosed with metastatic incurable Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Throughout the last few years, Betty’s cancer has advanced to Stage IV. Her amazing support system, her loving family and wonderful husband-to-be offer unwavering encouragement and strength throughout her multiple hospital stays, treatments and surgeries. Betty’s positive perspective and sense of perseverance has guided her over the years, even with all of the pain she experiences daily. Betty is a true fighter.


Following the call from Wish Upon a Wedding, Betty and Angel were blown away with the great news. “We are very grateful that people are willing to help us out and make our wedding day happen for us. It’s our fairytale,” Angel added.

The Wish Upon a Wedding New York Chapter is honored to be granting Betty and Angel’s Wedding Wish this spring in New York City. Many thanks to Orange Films for capturing their gorgeous Love Story. You will even get a glimpse of their proposal video, which is absolutely adorable!

Betty & Angel | Wish Upon a Wedding from Edward Zilberman | Orange Films on Vimeo.


Thank you to Wish Granter Craig Paulson Photography for capturing these adorable engagement photos! See more on our Facebook page.


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