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St. Louis Wish Upon a Wedding

Erica actually asked out Jon through a text message and was one of the best decisions she ever made, especially when Jon said yes to her text date proposal!

You can see the love they have for each other in their eyes and the way they are always holding hands or wrapping their arms around each other. From the start he has always been by my side, said Erica never having a concern about her Cystic Fibrosis. “I was more scared of my proposal than I was of her disease,” stated Jon.
July 4th after the fireworks finale Jon stood up, said brace yourself, this is the moment you have been waiting for your whole life and proposed to Erica. It was an immediate mix of emotions but Erica of course said yes to Jon’s marriage proposal.

Erica and Jon and excited to finally get married and Erica stated that her favorite part about the wedding that she is looking forward to is their little boy in his little tuxedo and dancing with him. Jon is looking forward to seeing Erica in her wedding dress even if it’s made of duct tape, but he hope it’s not.

Erica stated with love and tears in her eyes that “In my eyes he kind of saved my life and because of Jon I have my little boy who makes every day worth living even more, so it’s perfect”.

We are so excited that Wish Upon a Wedding is going to be part of your special day and we wish you happiness and success!

We would also like to thank Kelly Park Photography for the great photos and Lovebird-Studios for Erica and Jon’s Love Story video! You can watch the touching story here!

Be sure to check out their beautiful wedding as well!